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About Bokamoso Education Trust

South Africa is a land of diversity, contradictions, passion, and courage. It is a frontier of limitless opportunities, unprecedented change as well as certain challenges. It is therefore vital that the children of today are adequately equipped to endure and thrive in such an environment in order for them to become the promising leaders of tomorrow.

Education is essential in uplifting the underprivileged youth of this nation and to provide them with an exceptional opportunity to not only improve their own livelihood but to uplift that of their family and their community.

Bokamoso Education Trust believes that everyone can make a significant difference to the future of this beautiful country. It provides a vehicle in which modest individual contributions are combined and mobilized towards the educational costs of its beneficiary children.

The Bokamoso Education Trust enables people, who may not have the individual resources necessary, to support the schooling of a disadvantaged child. Through the collective donations of individuals, as well as corporations, Bokamoso Education Trust is able to activate the financial muscle required to provide its beneficiary children with an education and gives these children the necessary start to their lives.


The Bokamoso Education Trust’s primary vision is to provide the necessary financial support for each child’s education
(Grade 000 to 12 as well as Tertiary).

We believe that education is not only a fundamental right to all, but that it is essential in uplifting the youth of South Africa.

Education provides by far the best opportunity for children to improve their lives, and those of their families and communities. This philosophy was proven when a group of university friends, driven by this belief, pulled together to fund the education of a child.

The dramatic improvement in that one child’s confidence and outlook on the future, inspired these university friends to expand their network of personal and corporate donors.

The Bokamoso Education Trust was born, through which donor’s contributions are accumulated and set towards the educational expenses of disadvantaged children.

Our goal is to help educate as many children as possible – children who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to go to school. We commit to providing the necessary financial support throughout each child’s education (Grade 000 to 12). The Trust also provides each donor the opportunity to take an active role in the child’s development through mentorship, should the donor wish to do so.

Bokamoso UK was formally established and registered with the UK Charities Commission in 2012. Funds raised from corporate and private donors in the UK are fully committed to the education of children in South Africa. We work closely with the South African Bokamoso Trust to select new beneficiaries and share their progress with our donors.

The more donations we receive, the more children’s lives can be transformed by the gift of education. So please contact us at info@bokamostrust.org.uk if you think you may be able to help. We will guide you through the simple process of becoming a monthly donor or making a single contribution to the Trust.




Amelia Beattie

Global Chairperson

Grant Webster


Sean Steyn


Mariska de Klerk

UK Trust Manager

Samantha Risely

UK Trustee


Ricky Kirk

UK Trustee

Paula Webster

UK Trustee


Robbie Burroughs

UK Trustee


Jared Vock

UK Trustee


Craig Risely

UK Trustee

Tracey Muller

UK Trustee




United Kingdom Charities Commission - Registered Charity Number: 1149316


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