What you can do

We are always on the lookout to grow our network of like-minded individuals
who are passionate about our vision to fund the dreams of children in South Africa.

There are a number of ways to get involved:

Become a donor

In order to support a child, we look to raise R5200 a month. This is made up of 21 individual
donors as well as a parent at R260 p/m, increasing annually with inflation.

These donations help fund the 15 years of their education from
Gr000 – Gr12 and a Tertiary Education in line with a child’s ability and interests.

As we look to support a growing number of children,
you can contribute as a donor in a number of ways:


1. Regular monthly contributions
(corporate or individual)

For as little as R260 a month, you can sign up as a regular donor. If you are based in South Africa, the easiest way to sign up is by completing the following form.


2. Adhoc contributions

Adhoc contributions can be paid directly into our bank account:

Bank Details:

Bokamoso Education Trust
Investec Private Bank
Branch: Grayston
Branch Code: 580105
Account Number: 10011278752
Account Type: Current Account

Our Address:

Bokamoso Education Trust
1st Floor
21 Scott Street
South Africa

We are happy to provide you with any further information and to answer any questions you may have.

We invite you to have a look at our FAQs.

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3. Book through our affiliate partners

Book with Turners Travel and help support educating Bokamoso beneficiaries through your spend. A portion of your booking is paid back to Bokamoso Education Trust. Please remember to add your booking reference: “Bokamoso”


Get your training programs with Coach Parry and help educate more children in South Africa with a 20% rebate back to Bokamoso Education Trust.

Please remember to add your booking reference: “Bokamoso”

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You can visit our website, join a training program  or join a webinar 

Move your Website Hosting to Clicks Count or get a website designed and help support educating Bokamoso beneficiaries through your spend. A portion of your hosting fee is paid back to Bokamoso Education Trust every year that you renew. 

Please remember to add your reference: “Bokamoso”

Bokamoso Education Trust is a registered beneficiary of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising programme.

Fill in the application form and email it to cs@myschool.co.za.

“A nation that takes care of its children is
a nation that takes care of its future.”
– Nelson Mandela

Become a mentor

Mentors spend a few hours a month with an allocated child, helping them to navigate through the school and social challenges and pressure.

Please complete our mentor application form and email it back to us by clicking the button below.

Click here for more information.

Become a partner

This is a time for collaborations and partnerships especially in the wake of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. We welcome any individual or corporate who is willing to join our mission and vision through a variety of different platforms, be it sponsorship, corporate donations and employee matching or helping us with our continued fundraising efforts. We look forward to hearing from you.

Share the love:

Mentor feedback

“Gaby has indicated that she would like help with maths – fractions in particular and Afrikaans. She reads beautifully and when I asked to have a look at her school books, her marks are above average and her handwriting absolutely beautiful. In my opinion she is a very bright little girl with a lot of potential. As we are in the early stages of our relationship we spend quite a bit of time getting to know one another by telling each other what happened during the day and the past week. Gaby has also read to me in English and Afrikaans. We also did a whole exercise from her Afrikaans book which included writing out sentences. She did very well at this. We have also played ‘I spied with my little eyes’ and played with her friends outside, whilst waiting for her mom to arrive. [My moment of the month as mentor] is Gaby’s eagerness and enthusiasm to learn.”


Alexa mentor to Gabi


Mentor Feedback

“We are really getting on well! The highlight was when I took her to Spur and we enjoyed a meal together and then she played with other kids on the trampoline, she really enjoyed herself and didn’t want to leave ;-). I have visited her when her friend and/or her brother have also been at the school and she has been happy to share my attention and her goodies that we use to colour-in or play together with. She really is a lovely child!


Adilia Mentor to Memory

Mentor Feedback

“I think we’re developing a good relationship over time. She trusts now that I’ll be there. I’ve kept the sessions quite casual, mostly just seeing what comes up for us to do. We’ve been to the library, art gallery and walked a bit, played scrabble or just talked, I guided her with a bit of writing. We were both pleased to see each other when she came back from her last holiday.”
Nina mentor to Snamile

Mentor Feedback

Brandon has reminded me of my youth and the many obstacles young boys face today, long after I had grown up and forgotten those problems only to replace them with grown up issues. Being a part of the program has reminded me that there are young kids out there who are the future leaders, engineers, doctors, fire fighters & police men & women, and being a mentor means YOU get a chance to positively guide & influence the minds of the next generation as oppose to letting the best opportunity we have at turning our country & quality of life around slip away.

Lushen mentor to Brandon

Mentor Feedback

“I feel really privileged to be able to share in the life of my little Mentee. She makes my heart warm and my soul sing and reminds me of how it’s our primary duty as adults to take care of and protect our youth. We must prepare them for what life may send their way and give them the tools to cope and make decisions. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!”


Adilia Teixeira Joubert mentor to Melody

Mentor Feedback

“Coming in to this program, I had no idea of what to expect and I must admit that at the beginning, the thought of having a young person look at you for guidance was very daunting especially when I take a moment to consider the many mistakes I myself had made along my life journey. Brandon definitely changed that uncertainty in me into something completely different simply by showing me how innocent and vulnerable many of these kids are. He has grown from a shy almost withdrawn young boy into a more open, confident young man who definitely smiles much more than he used to. The cure to cancer is out there, but what if its locked in the mind of a young child in need of care, guidance and education. That is the way we need to approach this program, to ensure we keep searching for the very best in each of these kids so that we can help them achieve the best they can be.”



United Kingdom Charities Commission - Registered Charity Number: 1149316


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