Some frequently asked questions
that we would like to address:

How are the children chosen?

As the driving force behind this initiative is to provide education we will always ensure that the child’s primary need is education. Thus the criteria that drive the selection process are as follows:

  1. The child has strong and sustainable family support to encourage and assist him or her through their schooling.
  2. Basic essentials such as food and shelter are guaranteed for the child in the foreseeable future.
  3. The parent/s are 100% committed to the child’s education and development.
  4. The parents agree to be accountable for the child’s attendance at school.

What feedback can I expect from Bokamoso?

Bokamoso provides regular updates through the website and publishes a newsletter three times a year. Specific feedback on how your child is doing is provided on a biannually basis (June and December). This will include a school report, comment from the teachers and any other relevant information. Specific queries can be directed to the Trust at anytime.

I would like to donate more, how can I do this?

If you would like to make an additional donation please do it through our Givengain platform or direct deposit into our bank account.  If you’d like to join us as a corporate donor please contact us on info@bokamosotrust.org.uk. A trustee will then get in contact with you.

Do I have to be a permanent donor or can I donate on an ad hoc basis?

Ideally we’d like donors to commit to a certain period but if you want to donate on an ad hoc basis we welcome your generosity and would be happy to facilitate this.

Can I suggest a beneficiary for the trust’s attention?

Yes, you can. If you have someone in mind please contact us at info@bokamosotrust.org.uk and we will send you a beneficiary application form. Once the form has submitted a Trustee will get in contact with you. We cannot, however, guarantee that children put forward will become a beneficiary.

Do the trustees get remunerated in any form for their duties as a trustee?

The trustees do not receive any remuneration whatsoever for their duities as a trustee.

How can I be sure this is not a scheme to pay for children of domestic helpers of trustees and friends of trustees?

Other than a strong personal ethical code, all the trustees are bound by their duties and responsibilities as trustees as well as by their respective professional codes of conduct. As a registered PBO Bokamoso has met the legal requirements enforced by SARS, which are designed to eliminate any avoidance schemes – i.e putting one’s own children into a PBO education trust to avoid having to pay tax. Furthermore, Deloitte have agreed to be our auditors. The Deloitte Foundation has been involved in the process right from the start and has given the Trust financial support. They fully support this Trust based on the fact that there is no such conflict of interest.

Currently our school partners, Vuleka and The Grove, identifies children in need. Those that fit the above mentioned criteria are considered for acceptance as beneficiaries.