It’s been quite a year, between lockdown and restrictions, being cooped up and then set free, but we have all made it through stronger and more determined than ever. The pedals have kept moving and Bokamoso beneficiaries have continued to benefit from your efforts.

As we approach the end of our most challenging year yet as a charity, we would like to thank you each personally, on behalf of the entire team at Bokamoso Education Trust, for your continuous support during 2020! The impact of our work in enabling and promoting a world-class education for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it, would not be possible without your participation in our efforts. Your generous donations throughout this year have not only enabled us to support the schooling of more children, but also assisted us in regaining capital lost due to the expenses we incurred during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the year, not only have we continued to support nearly 70 children, but we have been able to help feed 23 of our families who lost their primary source of income. The pandemic continues to threaten the livelihood of our families and it is our motivation to make sure our children are first fed before attending school. We are convinced that our work is more valuable than ever, as is the importance of having trusted and committed donors such as yourselves to support the Trust.

Our sole vision is to turn children’s dreams into reality, not only by providing the necessary financial support and mentorship for an excellent education but also by supporting families to be the best they can be. We believe that an excellent and holistic education is a vital element in providing each child with the necessary grounding to make consistently good decisions for themselves and society’s well-being.

Ultimately these children will grow into responsible citizens who can positively contribute to the development of South Africa. It is easy to forget that while education may be a constitutional right in South Africa, for many it is not a reality. And while it may be difficult to make a difference on our own, every little bit helps. Our communities of donors are catalysts for great change.

We have appreciated all the love and support shown throughout this crazy year and can’t thank you enough for all your support as we navigated unchartered territory for all of us.

We are looking forward to a strong and exciting new year as we now fund an additional seven new children from January. Without your consistent donations, this would not be possible. You have continued to support us and make this possible for which we are so grateful especially in an unprecedented year like this. 2020 has been a challenging year for us all, but history has taught us that these moments are only temporary and that we persevere together. It is our hope that 2020 has been a positive year for you and your family and that going into 2021 there will be newfound energy and optimism. We wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and a most prosperous and healthy new year.

We wish you a beautiful festive season and a prosperous New Year filled with love, health and dreams that take flight.